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Executive Protection & Transportation

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Executive Protection & Body Guards

Sirko International offers the most professional executive protection service in Atlanta and beyond. Protect your company’s current and future profitability by safeguarding your financial assets and providing your executives and staff with a safe and secure work environment.

Sirko International puts the safety of our clients first, by using highly qualified personnel. A close protection bodyguard is a specialized task and assignment.

Due to the escalating crime rate, there is a growing need in the United States for close protection security. “Fly by night” operators with the “gift of the gab”  often secure contracts at greatly reduced rates. In order to remain financially viable, these operators neglect training and underpay their underqualified personnel.

This type of scenario is typical of the private security companies in Atlanta and has resulted in the industry as a whole being regarded with suspicion.

Secure Transportation

Secure Transportation from our experienced and professional drivers provides you with a safe and secure journey. Our drivers are trained in security and evasive driving techniques, ensuring that you and your valued items reach your destination securely and on time. With Secure Transportation, you can be sure that you will get the best and most secure transportation service.

Black Car Service
Getting Off a Plane
Onboarding a Plane

Secure Jet Travel

Secure Jet Travel offers secure private aviation services for those who need to travel quickly and securely. Our team of experienced security professionals provide the highest level of security and safety during travel, ensuring that all passengers and cargo are safe and secure. With our partners, we are able to provide you with safe private jet travel with your own security team on board and waiting for you at your destination.

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