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MyShield is the ultimate solution for home and business owners who want to take control their security. With its IoT-connected fog security system, you can detect intruders and take immediate action from anywhere. Whether you need to verify who entered your property or create a veil of fog to ward off burglars, MyShield has got you covered. Don't leave the safety of your loved ones and assets to chance. Choose MyShield and be more proactive today.

Take a Look

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The Need

Introducing Remote Early Response - the solution that empowers you to take action against intruders before they cause damage. Our system detects intrusion and immediately alerts you and your designated responders. With Remote Early Response, you can take control of your security and protect your property and loved. Say goodbye to the vulnerability of traditional security systems and hello to peace of mind.

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The Solution

MyShield is a revolutionary solution that sets a new standard in active remote first response to intrusion. It features a PIR motion detector, on-board HD camera, two-way voice communication, and a proprietary fog diffuser that fills a room with harmless yet disorienting fog in just 30 seconds. This leaves a perpetrator unable to steal property or harm people, making it an effective and safe solution for your security needs.

Mobile Phone

How MyShield Works

MyShield is an all-in-one integrated device that provides advanced security features for your property. With its on-board motion detector, it can detect any movement and send an alert to the security control room or property stakeholders via MyShield mobile app. If an intrusion is verified MyShield can initiate a multi-step warning process including pre-recorded. In case the intruder fails to vacate MyShield can fill the premises with harmless, yet highly disorienting, fog to force them out.

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