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Sirko International is committed to providing safety and a peace of mind to our customers. We specialize in providing top notch security guard services, ensuring that our clients' safety and security are always top priorities.

Security Guard

Unarmed Guards

One example of when an unarmed guard can be beneficial is when you want a visible security presence. Having one or more of these professionals patrol a property lets others know that someone is there to watch for and monitor suspicious activities and respond or call for additional help in an emergency.

Armed Guards

While not every business needs armed security guards, they are an invaluable asset in many situations. For instance, high-volume companies that handle large amounts of cash or have expensive assets on-site can benefit from a strong security presence to deter crimes such as robberies, burglaries and assaults. In these circumstances, guards may encounter individuals carrying weapons and must make an appropriate show of force.

Personal Gun
Hotel Desk Check-In

Front Desk / Concierge

Our concierge and doormen services go far beyond those offered by more traditional concierge companies. Our reputation for going that extra mile, combined with our years of experience mean our clients can relax, knowing even the tiniest details are being taken care of.

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